miércoles, octubre 20, 2004

interviews catalan or spanish?

For the asignment I interviewed 3 people and asked if they felt more catalan or more spanish and what they think about catalonia being independent from Spain.
I got really interesting conversations.

The first interview was with Sonia Rubio Fernandez, 23 years old.
She is feeling more Spanish. Her parents are from Madrid, so she is not raised with catalan traditions. That´s why she doesn´t feel really catalan.
About the independence, she said, there are lots of people who want that, but not in her surroundings. Her family and friends don´t want it. She doesn´t want it as well, because there are a lot of Spanish people in Catalunya. Then they have to be part in it and speak catalan all the time. The differences between both cultures (Spanish and Catalan) are to big.

The second interview was with Iban Serrallo, 20 years old.
He is feeling more Catalan because he lives here and he thinks the catalan culture is very important. For example, he thinks the national parties (polical) are not as important as the Catalan ones.
About the idea to make Catalunya independent from the rest of Spain, he is not sure. He said: It could be a good idea, but I don´t care. It´s nor nessesary.
The good thing about it are maybe less taxes. The bad thing about it, is that you´ll have to cross the borderline and show your passport. It´ll take more time to go.

The last interview was with the gate-keeper from the house I´m living in. He is a typical Spanish man, so I thought that would be a good idea! It was also very good for my Spanish, because he doesn´t speak English. I forgot to ask his age, but I think he is around 50 years old.
When I asked him the first question, he allready gave me an answer on the second quesation:
He is feeling more Spanish and he told me that he is ´anti- independiente´. He said the politicians make problems, when there are no problems. Things are good now. The people don´t want to go indepentend but the politicians are making troubles. The reason would be ´democracia´, but there will be only more problems.
He named the ´Pais Basco´and the ETA. They want to be independent to. They have killed a lot off people by shooting them or placing bommes (in shoppingcenta´s etc.)
When Catalunya will be independent, people are getting devided in two sides: right and left. There will come fights and war between them (´fuego´). He named examples from other countrys in the world.
He thinks much more terrorists and arabs will come to Catalunya when it´s independent.
In his opinion it´s a very bad idea!

I realy liked the last interview because the man had a clear opinion about it and he told me a lot.
I think this is a good asignment, because you´ll see what´s living under the people in Catalunya and what the different opinions are.

Sophie van den Berg