lunes, octubre 04, 2004

my expectations

My expectations:

When I heard, I could do the autum course in Barcelona, I was very excited.
I´ve never been to Barcelona before, so I didn´t really knew what to expect. Off course I heard a lot about the city and about the course (from students who were here last year).
I like the beach, nature etc. but I also like the city. In Barcelona you have it all.
I pictured it to be a big city with a lot of monuments, churges and nice architecture buildings.
From a girl I heard, Barcelona is very poluted and dirty, but I don´t think it´s that bad. There is only a lot of traffic (some how more than I imagened).
I expected the Rambla to be smaller whith more stands.
I knew Barcelona had nice beaches, but I didn´t expect the wetter to be that good in oktober!
I also didn´t knew that it was so easy to go from one place to an other. You can take the metro everywhere.

About school and the course:
I thought that it would be more official, that the people at school were very strict and that the distance between students and teachers was bigger than in Holland (but I think it´s the same).
The atmosfer is good. The teachers are very friendly, they want to help you if there are any problems.
The school is bigger than I expected, but also more beautifull and friendly (looking). I really like it!
I thought we would visit more things in the introductionweek (visits to Parc Guell or Sagrada Familia). I also expected to have more subjects in the second week.
I knew about the optional subjects. I can´t say anything about them, because I haven´t had them yet.
The people here in Barcelona are more helpfull and friendly than I expected. I can imagine that they are bottered by so many tourists, but they don´t act like that.
A lot of people do speak English (I didnt expect that). One one hand, it´s good, but one the other hand: I don´t learn it this way. I should practice it more.
I expect to learn a lot during my stay in Barcelona. To learn more about the city, the language the culture and about tourism. I also think I learn a lot about myself by living here on my own (without my family and friends). It´s good for my personal devellopment.



Blogger Graham said...

A very well considered set of reflections Sophie!

I think you'll learn a lot about the city, the people and the culture, and (as you say) about yourself while you are here. That's one of the great things about living in a foreign country, and not just visiting as a tourist.


6 de octubre de 2004, 1:39  

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